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Mission & Vision


The Association in its practice adopts the values of the charter of the United Nations and Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The objectives of the association focus on strengthening the relations and promoting the exchange of expertise and knowledge between the Pacific Countries Communities and the Arab world in the sectors of environment, economy, tourism, education, and cultural and heritage for the welfare and prosperity of the peoples of the regions.


Some of the objectives include:

1. Exchanging economical, cultural, and touristic experiences.

2. Transferring knowledge between various countries of the world to address the social, environmental, and economical issues being resulted from climate change and greenhouse effect.

3. Bilateral and multilateral collaboration with various developed and developing countries in the world in order to obtain renewable energy.

4. Collaboration with various countries to draft laws and obligatory legislations dealing with the environment like giving advices on producing and using the environment friendly renewable energy.

5. Endeavoring with rich countries to help the developing countries to execute their environmental programs aiming to reduce carbon emissions and consider alternative and renewable energy.

6. Concluding partnerships between the developing countries and the civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations for a low-carbon world, and to reduce the intensity of the climate change and greenhouse effect.

7. Collaboration with universities, national and private institutes dealing with the environment to conduct research and studies on climate change and greenhouse effect and taking the necessary and indispensable steps to reduce them.

8. Setting up seminars and conferences on the possible effects of the climate change in the countries of the world.